Art with Mati and Dada


Mati is a cheerful little girl fascinated by art history. She enjoys reading about great artists and looking at their works in her wonderful art books.
Mati also loves creating her own personal masterpieces, imitating the different styles that she discovers in each adventure.
When she meets a new artist, she’s always very kind and polite, but she just can’t hide how excited she is about being in the presence of such famous and important personalities.
And the artists themselves, even though such visits are totally unannounced, are eager to reveal their secrets.
Thanks to her inclination for adventure and to her contagious laugh, Mati, always wearing her red painter hat, embarks with great enthusiasm on all the bizarre situations that Dada invents.
One day, while she was looking at the painting of a famous artist in one of her books, Dada suddenly popped out, whirling and whisking all over the place. And that was just the beginning of a long adventure…

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