Art with Mati and Dada


The energetic whirling Dada is egg-shaped with a watering can on his head that rotates when he thinks. He has one gear-like eye, which he can use as a telescope or a magnifying glass to look at the works of art. Sometimes flowers, plants, pencils, and paintbrushes sprout from his watering can. This incredible individual always wears his Quadrimetrò, a magical belt that can transport him and his friend Mati through space and time, and take them right into the studios of the greatest artists.
Dada is really magic: he can make anything appear in his hands, such as a small clock, a compass, a Global Positioning System…or even an apple if Mati suddenly says she’s hungry.
Just like the movement from which he gets his name, Dadaism (the surprising avant-garde art movement) Dada is upbeat, optimistic, full of crazy surprises and he never listens to Mati’s advice. Most of the time, Dada really has an idea, kinda, of what he’s doing and where he’s taking Mati. It’s just that things have a way of reeling out of control. But Dada never gives up because, with his great optimism, he knows that everything always works out just perfectly in the end. Dada-rific!

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